What to Expect in Reno and Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe in Reno, Nevada, should be in every traveler’s dream. From beaches and mountains in summer months to skiing and snowboarding during the winter season, Lake Tahoe and Reno have a multitude of fun activities and a plethora of picturesque sceneries to enjoy all year round.

There are different routes to get to Reno. You can travel by air, by land or by train. However, even before hopping onto any mode of transportation, determine first what part of the lake you are headed. The northern part is more serene and is less developed compared with its southern counterpart.

As mentioned earlier, tourists are welcomed in Reno all year round. Regardless of what season you visit, Lake Tahoe and Reno have many activities at hand. Summer is the busiest, so expect packed crowds on every tourist attraction. During this time, Lake Tahoe transitions from a snow mecca to a beach destination. Sand Harbor Beach at East Lake Tahoe is dubbed as the most beautiful of them all. Trails are also open for mountain climbing.

Winter is the second busiest season. Skiers and snowboarders overrun the lake between December and February. If you are traveling with kids, then Lake Tahoe is a perfect definition of Winter Wonderland for them. They can do basic winter activities like snowman making or snowball fighting. And they can participate in cooler stuff such as skiing, tubing, sledding, snowshoeing, Christmas tree cutting, etc.

But if you want to shy away from the crowd, fall is the best time to come. Tourism slumps this season as children start to go back to school and ski resorts are close. However, you can get first dibs on skiing if you come late November.

For some, retail therapy is part of a vacation. And Reno’s shopping scene is coming of age. The city now has more restaurants and boutiques as well as sports store and sports gear rental shops. You can stroll around huge outdoor malls like The Summit and Riverwalk District or flip through the clothes racks of brick and mortar shops like Reno eNVy. Pay a visit at Wells Avenue Merchants to witness Hispanic business diversity.

Meanwhile, food is always a huge factor when traveling. And it is a good thing to know that both Reno and Lake Tahoe have a huge selection of food choices. You do not need to go far to taste authentic cuisines from around the world as you can find everything in the “Biggest Little City in the World.” Craving for Asian, Mexican, Italian, or whatever comes to your mind? Reno has it.  

Lastly, traveling helps you open your eyes to new different cultures; however, you need to travel smart. Make sure you bring a map or a GPS everywhere you go. Be organized and plan your activities ahead. Stay healthy during the duration of the trip. Do not do anything you are not comfortable with. And most importantly, pack the spirit of adventure and patience to have a memorable vacation.



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