Travel Essentials for Lake Tahoe

Traveling is always made easier when you get rid of the unnecessarily and bring only the essentials, especially during the winter season. Cramming is stressful. So on your trip to Lake Tahoe, here are the must-have things that you should bring.

Outdoor Gear

If you are a skier or snowboarder, pack all the outdoor gears you would probably need at Lake Tahoe. Ski resorts offer rentals for everything you would possibly need for a day on the slope. However, it is always good to use your own, especially if you intend to make return trips to the snow.

Create a list of things to bring and make sure items such as skis, poles, boots, snowboard, helmet, ski pants, jacket, gloves, goggles, and neck warmers are included. Lightweight, thermal clothing is ideal.

Travel wise too by maximizing the space in your ski bag. Use every inch as much as possible by wrapping items of clothing around the skis and poles. You can also tuck small items like moisturizer, waterproof socks, woolly headbands, and bandanas insides the boots. Just make sure all the liquids and creams pass TSA regulation size.


It is pretty certain you will not be spending 24 hours gliding on the slopes. Besides, Lake Tahoe has a lot of other tourist attractions to offer. That being said, pack some clothes enough for the duration of your stay. If you plan to do more outdoor activities, a warm and comfortable pair of boots is very important. Mittens, scarf, tuque, and a heavy jacket will also keep you warm. You can also pack some formal clothes if you intend to experience Lake Tahoe’s fine-dining restaurants.

At Lake Tahoe, sunshine and blizzard are known to share a 24-hour period. So layering is key. Bring several outfits and dress in layers to keep you warm.  Moisture-wicking clothing would make a nice base. Then add some thermal long johns beneath turtlenecks and pullover sweaters. This way, clothes are easier to remove in case the temperature starts to increase, and you begin to feel warm.

Other Items

Do not forget to put your basic toiletries in your suitcase. And if the hotel has a swimming pool or Jacuzzi, make sure you pack that nice swimsuit of yours. Oh, by the way, bring sunglasses too. As I said earlier, America’s highest-elevation alpine lake can have plenty of wintry and sunny days. You can never accurately predict.


Capture every moment of your trip with your cameras and video cameras. If you already have a smartphone with you, choose whether you should bring a laptop or a tablet. During skiing or snowboarding, make sure your camera or smartphones are securely placed in a waterproof pouch. Winter gloves that are touch-screen compatible would be a very good idea. This is to save your hands from the cold weather and avoid removing your gloves while using your phone.

Overall, your itinerary or plan of activities will help you know what to pack. Whatever OOTDs you have in mind, just make sure you are comfortable with it. Enjoy Lake Tahoe!



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