Shopping Places in Reno

Reno is known for its artsy sceneries and casinos, but its shopping scene is experiencing rapid development as well. There are now more clothing boutiques, sports store, sports gear rental shops, souvenir stalls, etc. So if you have a day to spare or should you decide for some retail therapy, here is a list of shopping malls and districts you can visit in Reno.

The Summit Reno

This outdoor mall will give you first-class, upscale shopping experience. Most of the big brands are usually found here, including Dillard’s, Century Theaters, Williams-Sonoma, Orvis, Old Navy, and Picasso & Wine.

Meadowwood Mall

If you are dealing with funky weather, Meadowwood Mall is the place to be. It is the only regional mall under a roof. The mall boasts of its unique semicircular design with a straight corridor that connects to Sears. It houses 100 restaurants and retailers, including JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

California Avenue

Dubbed as “Cal Ave” by many, California Avenue lies just south of the business district. It offers a unique retail therapy to its consumers as it features a wide variety of locally owned retail outfits.

Among the restaurants found in the area are The Blue Plate, Café Musee, Michael’s Deli, The Cheese Board, and St. James Infirmary.  Shopping and services available are Campbell Art Studio & Gallery, Deluxe Travel, Kalifornia Jean Bar, Postal Depot, Palates Coach, etc.

Riverwalk District

A good day-off means taking a stroll along the Riverwalk and enjoying the amusing urban renaissance of Reno. You will easily find several cafes, bars, entertainment, lodging, and shopping areas here. This outdoor shopping experience is pretty safe and fun. Other than shopping, you can also celebrate Reno’s arts, culture, and history.

Wells Avenue Merchants

Wells Avenue can be found in Midtown District in the “biggest little city in the world.” Several businesses cluster in this area, especially Hispanic ones. This is because Wells Avenue is a union of two cultures. In here, English is only a secondary language. Yes, most of the people here speak Spanish.

The City of Reno made huge improvements in here. It added bike lanes and streetlights, making it more attractive and convenient for small business owners. Wells Avenue Merchants offers almost anything under the sun, from retail to car wash, appliances repair, real estate and even car washing.

Reno Navy

This shop in downtown Reno aims to become Nevada’s signature brand. And this is possible with local artists’ interpretations. Its iconic trailer logo symbolizes Reno’s outdoor lifestyle while enjoying life. This is the coolest place to grab graphics and printed shirts, caps, sweatshirts, to name a few.  

Melting Pot World Emporium

This is the unofficial headquarters of Burning Man in Reno. You can find different costumes for the festival here. It also has some incense items, handmade jewelry, henna equipment, and a whole lot of different items.

In conclusion, Reno offers a wide range of shopping experience. Whether you are up for a large outdoor mall or just small boutiques, Reno has it all.


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